#14: How to Build your Self-Confidence in spite of Obstacles with Candy Motzek

For Episode 14, I talked with Life and Leadership Coach, Candy Motzek.  In this podcast, Candy Motzek shares with us her road to confidence.  Like most professionals Candy has experienced the challenges that come with developing and growing your career and personal brand.  Candy helps her clients learn how to accomplish their goals with clarity and confidence.  If you’ve every struggled with keeping your confidence in spite of obstacles, this episode is for you.

Three important points that you’ll get from this podcast are:

• Confidence is like a snowball. You start with a little bit, then you practice a little bit, and then you do it again, and again, and again.
• Leadership is also leadership in your life.   There is an aspect of leading your own life.  It is important to stay true to yourself and grow as a person.
• There are times when you will be knocked off your feet.  It is important to maintain a “learning mindset” while you get your feet back underneath you.

Lastly, you’ll hear about what Candy thinks people miss the most when they are out of confidence.

Click here for the full transcript of this podcast.

Interested in working with Candy?

Candy Motzek can be reached via her website at CandyMotzek.com.

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