#15: The One Thing You Need to do to Grow your Business with Steve Livoti

Self Development is critical to your success.  Period.

For today’s episode, I’m talking with my friend Steve Livoti about the importance of making self-development a priority on your journey.  Steve is a multiple six-figure earner in the network marketing industry.  His secret sauce to success…focused efforts on self-development for him and his team.

Oftentimes, people tend to focus on learning the concepts, tools, and strategies needed to grow their businesses.  Furthermore, people will study others (competitors, customers, and mentors) more than they’ll spend the time studying and learning more about themselves.  All of us are likely to spend money and time trying to find the things needed to be successful, only to figure out that the real struggle is within.  We have to be willing to embrace the good, the bad, and the ugly of GROWTH.

Three main points that you’ll learn in this podcast are:

  • Trust the Process
  • You have unbelievable potential
  • If you’re planning to join the network marketing industry, find a product you can get passionate about.

Interested in working with Steve?

You can find Steve on Facebook and Instagram as Steven Livoti.
His Isagenix website is: http://healthtrip.isagenix.com/
Email: stevelivoti11@aol.com
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