#16: Mid-Year Review – How to reach your 2017 Goals with Coach Kim Burke

Are you struggling with achieving your 2017 goals?

In this podcast, Kim Burke, author of “The Code to Greatness: A Goal Setting Cycle That Will Help You Achieve Any Goal,” tells us about how to start and finish our goals.  Coach Kim loves to work women who are highly motivated to succeed, yet find themselves stuck in their goal achievement process.  If you’ve been looking for strategies to move forward with your goals, then this podcast episode is for  you.

In this podcast episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to get started on your 2017 goals?
  • How to develop a goal achievement mindset?
  • When it is necessary to pivot and choose a different goal?
  • How to stay motivated while pursuing your goals?

Lastly, Kim gives us an overview of the CODE:

  • C – Clarity
  • O – Options
  • D – Discipline
  • E – Execution

You can contact her at coachkimburke.com, or on all social media platforms – @coachkimburke.   Coach Kim also has a free ebook (available on  her website) on The CODE.

Coach Kim is currently facilitating a Goal Getter’s Mastermind, which is her four-week virtual growth experience. Within four weeks, you’ll learn how to break down the CODE for your goals.  Coach Kim will also help you to create a personal growth plan to carry out and execute your goals. The mastermind is four times a year and enrollment for the next class begins in July 2017.

Click here for the full transcript of this podcast.

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