#17: Persist! 5 Strategies to Overcome Your Excuses with Dr. Clarence Lee, Jr.

“Everything that I have accomplished, whether it be impressive or not, has been based on my ability not to quit. Every single thing. There’s no exception to that rule.”

-Dr Clarence Lee, Jr.

Today’s podcast interview is with Dr. Clarence Lee, Jr.  Dr. Lee is a nationally celebrated author, international speaker, and CEO of CMLEEJR Companies LLC, a personal development brand that conducts seminars on high performance and mental conditioning for teams, organizations and students. He is also a center medical director for U.S. Healthworks Medical Group, Inc in Sacramento, CA.

This podcast episode captures the essence of “The Intelligence of Grit.”   Dr. Lee takes us on a brief journey as he talks about applying to medical school over 500 times, winning in spite of  your circumstances, and his new book titled, “Persist!”

Dr. Lee shares his wisdom in 5 key areas of personal development:

  1. Dealing with rejection and failure
  2. Staying motivated and purposeful
  3. Knowing and living by your personal ‘Why’
  4. Building a business intentionally
  5. Making the most of life’s lessons and serving others

Interested in working with Dr. Lee?

Contact Dr. Lee through his website – clarenceleejr.com.  Complete the contact form and you can reach out to him if you’re interested in personal coaching or mentorship.  Dr. Lee can also be reached on all social media channels – @cmleejr.

Dr.Lee also has a special offer for IOG podcast listeners!

Visit http://clarenceleejr.com/grit for some amazing complimentary bonuses.  Dr. Lee has put together an online course (in conjunction with his book) that will empower you to overcome your excuses, create new habits, and develop more grit and perseverance.


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