In Good Company

Over the last two weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to network and talk with people who were in pursuit of their higher selves, seeking and living the dream God has earmarked just for them. So when Danyelle Little – a friend and fellow blogger – said she was organizing a meet up for St. Louis entrepreneurs and bloggers, I was happy for the chance to meet and talk with others on the same journey.  The event was held in a large, yet intimate setting for our group at the downtown St. Louis Marriott Grand Hotel.   We had our own private dining room, which allowed us to network and talk without interruption.

As usual, there’s so much more to Saint Louis than what meets the eye.   The people here work for, strive for, and hope for a greater city.  This was proven in the many conversations I had with people from all types of businesses: fashion entrepreneurs, editors, photographers, and coaches of all types.

Not only did we network with one another but we were able to stay overnight.  The rooms were perfect, with a beautiful view of the downtown skyline.  We had breakfast the next morning and it was wonderfully complete with all of my favorites –  French toast, bacon, and of course mimosas.

As I reflect on the weekend, I realized how much I’ve grown on my journey to collaborate and learn from others.   I’ll share a few of those things here:

  • I’ve learned not to be intimidated by those who may be further along in their journey. Their presence and their accomplishments are inspirational to me.
  • I’ve learned that a little vulnerability goes a long way. When I share my story and others share their stories, we all learn that we are seeking the same goals for ourselves and our families.
  • I’ve learned that there is a cost to achieving success. People need support and encouragement as they go through paying the cost of achievement.
  • I’ve learned that it is important to be great right where you are, with what you have, and with what you can offer.
  • Finally, I’ve learned that what people think of me is not as important as how I show up for myself.


This weekend provided me with much needed restoration and continued hope. Everything from the laughter of my friends to the Netflix in my room gave me the time to reflect on how blessed I am. More importantly, it gave me the fuel to keep going.

  • The Cubicle Chick

    November 21, 2016 at 7:28 pm

    I am so glad that you were able to come and spend some time with us. We really do have a dope array of Queens doing their thing in the STL area. You, my dear, are one of them! 🙂


      November 26, 2016 at 8:52 pm

      Thanks Danyelle – You are such an inspiration!