This is how Angel Watkins engages, inspires, and teaches others. Angel believes that people, processes, and systems are only as effective as the will behind the work.  The will is about moving through the complexities of life and business with purpose and passion!


With over sixteen years of experience in corporate America, Angel has managed multiple projects that required strong analytical and people-management skills. She has held multiple roles, including developing a corporate-wide view of all major capital projects over $15 million, in addition to establishing and implementing governance and oversight policies.  She has served in key roles for project delivery, innovation efforts, and leadership development.  Angel has been able to work with multiple professional disciplines to identify, coordinate and implement solutions to critical business issues.

Angel has an authentic passion and desire to continuously help others deliver on their promise and achieve the results of their goals.   

Angel’s entrepreneurial journey began a few years ago when she partnered with a group of friends to create a lifestyle blog.  While learning the business of blogging, she experienced the challenges and rewards of utilizing content marketing to grow her business and create an online presence.  This allowed her to combine her existing business knowledge with social media strategy.  She now helps entrepreneurs and small business owners develop their offline and online business strategies.


Angel holds an undergraduate degree in Management Information Systems, a master’s degree in Business Administration, and a PMP (Project Management Professional) certification.


The people who attend Angel’s speaking engagements learn how to implement their goals with clarity, confidence, and GRIT!

Speaking Topics
The Intelligence of G.R.I.T

Remember when you were in school, and there was always the smartest kid in class? Fast forward to today...was the smartest kid always the most ``successful`` in their adult life? No! The smartest person in the room is the one who is willing to seek Growth, be Resilient, live with Integrity, and move forward with Tenacity. By sharing her personal story, Angel teaches attendees how to stand on their story and move through life and business with G.R.I.T.

Visible, Valuable, and Victorious

Are you trying to provide value and build influence…in hiding? From the perspective of a true introvert, Angel shares personal breakthrough strategies for those who struggle with being visible. She teaches attendees how to get over the fear of being seen in order to be impactful.

From Big Picture to Blueprint

You know how people with big ideas tend to have oodles and oodles of notes, but no implementation plan? Well, with a little humor and vulnerability, Angel teaches attendees how to achieve time-sensitive goals and be more productive in business and life.


“Thank you Angel for the wonderful presentation today. It was so insightful and I had several members mention to me how much they not only enjoyed it but learned valuable information about strategies for their business”

“It was great to have you at Tapestry Network. You are a great speaker!!”

“You are an AWESOME speaker …!  You truly have a gift! So excited that you’re finding ways to share that with the world!”

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